Dental Advertising, What Demographics Should I Mail to?

When it comes to Dental Marketing, there always seems to be a battle over what demographics to select for a mailing program.

If you are trying to find an answer like "you need to focus on 25-50-year-old ladies who have a yearly income of $40,000, live in a home valued over $200,000, and want to golf and travel," you will not get it here.

In the case of oral care, instead of demographics, you should first think about psychographics, puts, precisely what makes a patient chooses to go to YOUR practice? For an oral tradition, it has been proven that the vast bulk of oral patients select their method primarily because of its practice area. It's a sad, however real, reality that comes from a lack of public education about what makes up terrific oral care.

Also, when producing a mailing list, you need to ask yourself exactly what your practice requires. Many times that does not come down to 25-50 years of age ladies who like to golf; it boils down to patients with cash to manage your services.

In both of these cases, the data indicate a basic geographical list. There are numerous things you can get in a simple geographical based list. You can eliminate "undesirable" areas, get rid of short-term house dwellers (not to be puzzled with apartment owners), and not squander loan mailing to those who live far out of your area.

If I were to set one group specification, it would be household earnings. If they make above average earnings in the location (generally $50K and above) and live within 5-10 miles of my practice depending on population concentration, they would be on my list.

You also mentioned that you remain in an insurance coverage big market. Do you take their insurance? If not, do you use programs as viable insurance coverage replacements? Many practices I handle are in a place that does not support who the dental practitioner wishes to target.

In a case of demographics, keep it smooth. However what you truly desire is patients in your chairs who have the methods to manage the best care you can perhaps provide for them. My suggestion would be to choose a radius around your workplace and an income qualifier.
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